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Volovsky Broiler LLC is one of the largest investment projects in the Central Federal District. This is a modern production complex for growing broiler chickens and producing high quality chicken meat. Volovskiy Broiler is gradually implementing a comprehensive investment project for the cultivation and processing of poultry meat with a capacity of 50,000 tons per year.

20 tons / hour
Products produces
complex of the new format.
 tons / hour
50 000 ton per year
Grown and processed
poultry meat.
 ton per year
1 500 tons'
Capacity of own
storage facilities
Top – 10
Neyting of Forbes magazine, becoming
one of the leaders in naturalness,
environmental friendliness and quality.
Top – 10
Export to China
In 2019, the company was incorporated
to the register of 30 largest enterprises in Russia,
thus getting to sell their products
for export to China.
Export to China
Own storage facilities
Own storage facilities
LLC "Volovskiy Broiler" has its own storage facilities. This allows you to control the conditions of storage and transfer of products for transportation. Modern equipment allows you to maintain temperature, humidity and other indicators necessary to maintain the freshness of products. The warehouse capacity is 1,500 tons. Also, the logistics system of Volovsky Broiler LLC includes two distribution centers with their own transport system. This helps to reduce delivery time and effectively connect the factory and partner stores.
Growing and processing of broilers
Growing and processing of broilers
Volovsky Broiler is an independent closed-cycle production complex from the production of feed and raising poultry to sending it for processing. The company owns a compound feed plant, a feed base, grounds for growing broiler chickens, a deep processing workshop, and a warehouse complex. All feed ingredients are natural, based on wheat rations. All products of the Volovskiy Broiler company are produced in one of the most ecologically safe regions of the Central Federal District of the Russian Federation - Volovo settlement, Tula Region. The most advanced technologies have been introduced in production, which allow us to manufacture products of an international level.
Export to China
Volovsky Broiler LLC in January 2019 received official accreditation for the supply of broiler chickens and their parts to China. The factory's products were first shipped to the PRC in April 2019, and since that time, 10% of the products are delivered to China.
In May 2019, Volovsky Broiler took part in the XX Chinese International Exhibition of Food Products and Specialized Equipment SIAL China 2019, where the factory presented its products with dignity.
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